Mel Bay Podcast Interview

I recently had the pleasure of recording for the Mel Bay Podcasts, which has a treasure trove of interviews from many great New York-based musicians.  This briefly touches on my new love for the Casiotone MT-100 and includes a short solo version of one of my tunes.

Mel Bay Podcast Interview

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I also want to highlight a few recently published Mel Bay books written by some friends of mine that are definitely worth checking out:

Curtis Macdonald – Introducing Extended Saxophone Techniques

Curtis Macdonald Extended Techniques

“By studying extended techniques, we open ourselves to a very subtle and delicate process of fine-tuning our instrumental abilities, resulting in the discovery of new resonances and sonic prowess. The exercises presented in this book and accompanying audio disc are designed to help cultivate the exquisite skills of refining saxophone sound through a practice of focus, balance and patience that can be applied to any performance style or aesthetic.”

Travis Reuter – Compositions

Travis Reuter Compositions

“Guitarist, Travis Reuter’s compositions focus on abstract forms, complex rhythmic structures, timbre and polytonality, while continuing to explore the improviser’s role in a traditional setting. His music is inspired by contemporary classical music and draws heavily on influences from the music of composers Elliott Carter, Brian Ferneyhough, and Jason Eckardt. Each composition experiments with combinations of form, counterpoint, and new devices for improvisation. Underlying this approach is an implicit skepticism of the aesthetics of the mainstream jazz establishment and a deep hunger to integrate elements from other forward-looking genres. Reuter’s integration of the motivic and rhythmic language of the classical modernists sets him apart from other young guitarists from the modern jazz lineage, and such material drawn from outside of the jazz tradition acts as the glue that holds this music together conceptually. This volume contains nine original compositions that give the reader insight into the compositional language of Travis Reuter.”