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It’s been a long road and I’m excited to announce the release of my debut album, SHWILSON, on Fishkill Records! Available at

This debut album under my alias, SHWILSON, is the result of 15 months of collaborative work between myself and my talented friends. I was initially introduced to the Casiotone MT-100 keyboard by Claude Rosen, Anthony Lamarca and our old Webster Ave. family. Something about its 8-bit sounds and drum grooves reminded me of vintage horror movies and video games I grew up loving, and for some reason it was much easier for me to compose on than piano or saxophone.

It was challenging to break away from the “jazz” and saxophone world I’ve know for so long, but I purchased my own Casio on ebay for 40 bucks and began expanding my meager home recording setup with a few effects pedals and recording gear and started tracking. Much of this was done with Curtis Macdonald under his sonic tutelage, recording one part at a time, always tweaking things and discovering happy accidents.

Huge thanks to bossman Curtis Macdonald for his musical and technical gangsterism, time and patience. None of this would have been possible without him. Thanks to Tobia for putting up with our drunken late night sessions and supporting the project every step of the way. And big thanks to all the musicians on the record for eternally crushing it! Zach, Hayden, Corey, Travis, Claude, Peter and Alon; you guys really make this music come alive and give it the vibe it has.

Also thanks to Mom, Dad, the rest of my loving family, Ross, Danny, Ari, Big Butter and the Egg Men, Louise, Olive, Hundoozle, Philpott, Kev, JRat, Bob Price, Tom and Levon and the Tiny Montgomery crew, all my New School homies, Alex Overington, Chris Berry, Marina Oriente and all my other friends that make this planet a better place.

Watch out for Fishkill Records, coming at you with new releases by Sleeveless Tina, Ross Gallagher, and The Danny Fisher-Lochhead Large Ensemble. I’ll be giving more Fishkill updates soon.

I had a blast making this album and hope you get some sense of hilarity and feel-good vibes from it!