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SHWILSON – ‘walter’

Last year was a doozy. But out of the manure of 2017 grew this beautiful flower. After spending many days and nights tracking at my home studio, SHWILSON went to Seaside Lounge and recorded our new album, walter. It was a therapeutic way for me to manage some real anxiety issues I had developed in the past couple of years and helped me through the exploration and healing process. I also got to try out some new toys! While I still have a love for vintage Casio keyboards, I acquired a Korg Poly-800 and the Roland JU-06, from their boutique series modeled after one of the kings of the synthesizer, the Juno-106. I also now have a nice collection of little sound-makers that were utilized on this project:

I’m sure most of us have seen the Netflix series, Stranger Things, and loved the 80’s synthy soundtrack. It’s debatable how tv and movie production sometimes uses nostalgia to attract audiences. Some say it is a cheap way to evoke pre-existing emotion based on past experiences. But I personally enjoy remembering simpler times, and for me, these sounds remind me of the movies, video games and general culture of my childhood. Times before laptops, social media and looking at your cell phone every five seconds. So yes, I’ve created this music to help me, and hopefully some of you, to slow down and remember what is important.