SHWILSON Cover copy


Kyle Wilson – keyboards (all except 5), tenor sax (5), mbira (6)
Zach Lane – electric & acoustic bass (1, 3, 5)
Hayden Hawkins – drums (1, 2, 3, 5)
Corey King – vocals (2)
Travis Reuter – guitar (2)
Claude Rosen – keyboards (5)
Peter Schlamb – keyboards (3)
Alon Tayar – keyboards (4)

Ben Van Gelder – Among Verticals

Ben Van Gelder – alto sax, bass clarinet, comp.
Peter Schlamb – vibraphone
Sam Harris – piano
Rick Rosato – bass
Craig Weinrib – drums
Kyle Wilson – tenor sax
Philip Dizack – trumpet

Buttons Montgomery – Shades of Grey

Kyle Wilson-tenor saxophone
Zach Lane-acoustic guitar, electric and upright bass, farfisa, roland alpha juno 1, drums, vocals

Levon Henry – Sinker

Tom Csatari: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Cuatro
Cameron Kapoor: Electric Guitar
Dominic Mekky: Keyboard/Electronics
Ross Gallagher: Upright Bass
Julian Cubillos: Electric Bass, Vocals
RJ Miller: Drums
JJ Wright: Piano
Evan Vidar: Piano
Alex Kirkpatrick: Percussion
Tristan Cooley: Flute
Kyle Wilson: Keyboard, Baritone Saxophone
Rachael Duddy: Vocals
Ivy Meissner: Vocals
Levon Henry: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, Toy Piano, Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Melodica


Danny Fisher-Lochhead Large Ensemble – On Ceremony

Danny Fisher-Lochhead – alto & soprano sax, percussion, compositions
Aaron Rourk – clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax, percussion
Ben Cohen – tenor sax, soprano sax, percussion
Kyle Wilson – tenor sax, soprano sax, percussion
Thomas Bergeron – trumpet, percussion
Kenny Warren – trumpet, percussion
Alex Truelove – trombone, percussion
Ross Gallagher – bass, percussion
Zach Lane – bass, percussion
Chris Doyle – Wurlitzer keyboard, percussion


Ross Gallagher – Utopian Dreams / Dystopian Visions

Ross Gallagher – double bass, compositions
Ari Chersky – guitar, effects
Sam Harris – synthesizer
Danny Fisher-Lochhead – alto sax
Curtis Macdonald – alto sax
Kyle Wilson – tenor sax
Craig Weinrib – drums
RJ Miller – drums


Tom Csatari BandUncivilized

Tom Csatari – guitar, compositions
Kyle Wilson – tenor sax
Ben Flocks – tenor sax
Levon Henry – bass clarinet, clarinet, alto sax
Tristan Cooley – flute
Adriel Williams- violin
Nick Jozwiak – cello
Mathieu Rousseau – double bass
Nick Jost – double bass
Eric Read – percussion
Rachel Housle – percussion
Dominic Mekky- keyboard, sound design
Ross Gallagher – double bass (tracks 5, 11)

Big Butter and The Eggmen

Noah Garabedian – Big Butter and The Eggmen

Noah Garabedian – bass, compositions
Curtis Macdonald – alto sax
Kenny Warren – trumpet
Anna Webber – tenor sax
Kyle Wilson – tenor sax
Evan Hughes – drums

DFL Tools of the Abstract

Danny Fisher-Lochhead Large Ensemble – Tools Of The Abstract

Danny Fisher-Lochhead – alto & soprano sax, compositions
Joe Hartnett – alto sax
Ben Cohen – tenor sax
Kyle Wilson – tenor sax
Danny Lubin-Laden – trombone and tuba
Ross Gallagher – bass
Evan Hughes – drums

Alex Wyatt – There’s Always Something

Masahiro Yamamoto – alto & soprano sax
Kyle Wilson – tenor sax
Greg Ruggiero – guitar
Danny Fox – piano
Chris Tordini – bass
Alex Wyatt – drums, compositions

Ben Van GelderFrame of Reference

Ben Van Gelder – alto sax, compositions
Peter Schlamb – vibraphone
Aaron Parks – piano
Rick Rosato – bass
Craig Weinrib – drums
Kyle Wilson – tenor sax
Ambrose Akinmusire – trumpet

Dave RobaireAway and Back

Dave Robaire – bass, compositions
Vanessa Dunlop – voice
Kyle Wilson – tenor saxophone
Edward Simon – piano and Fender Rhodes
Marcus Gilmore – drums

Jon NotarOne Year

Jon Notar – piano, compositions
Kyle Wilson – tenor sax
Takuya Kuroda – trumpet
Greg Chudzik – bass
Josh Giunta – drums