Lost SHWILSON Recordings

Recently I dug up some forgotten tracks that either didn’t make it onto my last album or I’ve been tinkering with for some time. And in the spirit of continuous creation, I wanted to push them past the finish line and add them to the SHWILSON collection.

Take Me To Dry Land is a reference to one of my favorite childhood movies, Waterworld. If you ever wonder how or why SHWILSON is what it is, watch this film, then rewind the VHS tape and immediately watch it again. This was a monthly routine for me for a few years of my youth. For whatever reason, the bass line and vibe of this song gave me the feeling of sailing on Kevin Costner’s boat attempting to outwit Dennis Hopper and his gang of Smokers.

For Great Moves, I was experimenting with the 1985 Casio SK-1 and it’s sampling abilities. Bubble baths and piña coladas seemed to fit the vibe of the song, especially when pitched down an octave. And the second section is heavily inspired by campy 80’s horror movies like Phantasm and Evil Dead. But mostly this song was an excuse to make some weird shit.

In my appreciation for the Vaporwave movement, Sky Way came from taking an old anime theme song, slowing it way down and recording over it. I’ve been scouring the internet (thanks RetroJunk.com) for fascinating old public service announcements and commercials. I don’t know if it’s cool but it certainly is fun.

And rounding out this bizarre smattering of music is Beach Party. Years ago I was urged by Curtis Macdonald to start my own project. I was challenged to imagine what I could possibly contribute to the vast landscape of the modern music scene. I wanted to make music that reflected what I care about, and I had fun playing my Casio keyboard through effects pedals. So I started SHWILSON. And this was one of the first pieces I recorded. Curtis and I always came back to Beach Party. It was our constant barometer of sanity in an insane world. We laughed, we argued. Friends came over to give feedback and texted us Beach Party lyric references in the middle of the night. But over time, it became more than a tropical parody song for us; it became our anthem.

My next SHWILSON project is almost complete, a horror film score set to vampires on a submarine during WWII. Stay tuned!