In the silhouette of a distant desert sunset, The Burnt Ends come into view. Riding travel-worn steeds with musical paraphernalia strapped across their backs, they traverse the sonic desert with steadfast resolve. Stopping from town to town channeling ancient spirits through the brass, wood and skins of their instruments, they play for the people. Hard-working people. People connected with the sun and the earth. People that hear the coyotes call in the night.

They came together from far and wide: California, Colorado, Texas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, New York and Germany. With a shared love of slow-cooked meat and the tales of heartache and wide-open spaces told by the songwriters of the old west, they knew they had an opportunity to create something special. Something that would transport people to a train crossing a snowbound canyon, or next to a fireplace in a creaky old rocking chair. They aim to help people forget about their troubles and dance to their driving rhythm and lush harmony.

So put on your snakeskin boots, pull a swig of grandpa’s cough medicine and stretch out under the prairie stars with The Burnt Ends.